bcenter03Many lives have been enriched since 1954 when the parents of five area children with mental retardation formed a day care program known as: “The Charlevoix Association for Retarded Children”.

Lillian Bergmann played an instrumental role in these children’s lives from 1957 until 1965, serving as their teacher.

The 1965 the education and training for persons with developmental disabilities under the age of twenty-one became the responsibility of the State Department of Education.  It was at this time Robert and Lillian Bergmann opened a work activity center in their home for three adults.

In 1967 the Bergmann’s home outgrew and they moved to a building at 201 East Garfield Street in Charlevoix, Michigan.

In 1973 the name was changed to Bergmann Center, Inc. honoring Lillian Bergmann for her years of service to individuals with Developmental Disabilities residing in Charlevoix, Emmett, and Antrim counties.

In 1979 Kenneth Brill became the Executive Director and gave nineteen years of dedicated service until his retirement in 1998.

In 1980 due to the continued growth of serving more then twenty-five persons.  It became necessary to relocate the center to its present location on Martin Road in Charlevoix, Michigan.

By 1994 the Center once again experienced the need to expand at which time more than fifty-five individuals were being served.  At this time and addition to the existing building was made possible through the generosity of Marguerite Donat of Charlevoix, Michigan.

Today Bergmann Center continues to provide quality services and educate the community, to meet the changing
needs of adults with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness in Northern Michigan.